Eric Berman, Keyboard

Eric was our keyboard player for two years. Sadly, he took his life on October 28th, 2006. May he rest in peace—and play in heaven. Please eliminate the stigma. Do your part to support those with mental illness. Until we accept the pain and suffering as real and life threatening—we will continue to lose precious lives.

Eric Berman played piano professionally for 20 years. A native of San Francisco, he kicked off his music career in Europe in the mid eighties residing primarily in Barcelona, Spain. In Amsterdam, during this time, he first developed his passion for latin-jazz, where he performed for several months.

Eric Berman brought to the piano a strong foundation in jazz while adding years of musical experiences from the the latin world. He combined extensive experience as a soloist, jazz accompanist in small ensembles, and as a salsa pianist in a variety of latin orchestras. The last several years he performed more often in the trio setting. In addition, he lead a larger dance oriented ensemble, Eric B's Latin Connection.

See www.ericblatin.com