Julie Perez, Saxophone

Julie started on flute in 4th grade, switched to sax at age 25, eventually working on cruiseships in the late 80's. She went to Berklee School of Music to study jazz on alto sax in the early 90's, and in Boston was introduced to merengue and fell in love with the music. She came to New York to play merengue, and has played with Johnny Ventura, Ramon Orlando, Milly, Jocelyn & Los Vecinos, Joseito Mateo, Rubby Perez, Alex Bueno, Monchy Capricho, Aramis Camilo, Sandy Reyes, Charlie Rodriguez, Peter Cruz, Iris & Franklyn, and Cesar Flores, among others.

In January 2006, Julie was invited by Ramon Orlando to play in an All-Star orchestra in Santo Domingo (D.R.) for a concert to celebrate 20 years of merengues that received the coveted Casandra Award, accompanied artists such as Eddy Herrera, Fernandito Villalona, Sergio Vargas, Pablo Martinez, Hector Acosta, and others.