"Havana Gila was absolutely one of the highlights of my experience running the oakland 1/2 marathon.  I loved running in the streets of oakland, and being cheered on in every neighborhood.  But, what stands out most in my memory from that day was passing by your group around mile 6.  Just as i was beginning to feel fatigued and forcing myself to keep going, I heard the most beautiful voices emanating from the distance.  It was just the inspiration I needed to keep going.  As i passed by the stage where you were playing, your incredible voices and harmonies filled me with so much joy. I began to have a bounce in my stride. Even though there was also part of me that wanted to stay and listen longer! 
     I kept running, hoping that the music to come in the next 7 miles would be as good as your music.  It wasn't.  I kept thinking of your band throughout the rest of my race, and even afterward.  Your music was deeply inspiring to me.  Thank you so much for singing, playing, and spreading joy to all the runners and spectators in Oakland."
With Appreciation,
— Rachel Marcus

"Profundo is exactly that. Profound, sincere, emotion drenched tropical music for the masses. Very danceable!
— Ivan Heredia,
Latin Music Record Exec.

"Sara Wild has great ears, creative energy, a heart of gold and a band to match! Keep your eyes on Profundo; They're the band to watch."
— Wayne Gorbea,
Keyboard player and Leader of Salsa Picante
Bronx, New York