Monica Salas, Vocals

Of Mexican descent, Monica was raised in Canyon, Texas. At twenty years old, she may be our very youngest but she is in no way our leastest! We're going to be the ones who get to say "WE knew Monica before she hit the big time!" Monica comes from a musical family and performed for several years with her parents and brother in a quartet before joining the acclaimed Afro Cuban orchestra at Dallas school for performing arts. She toured with her high school band which was also featured in People magazine.

Monica has been featured with numerous fine bands. In 2005 with Jimmy Bosch's band at S.O.B's in NYC and recently with Anthoiny Blea's "Charonson" at Yoshis in Oaklnad California. Notice that if you reverse the last two letters in Monica's last name you get S-A-L-S-A! Monica can play ANY kind of music well--but she breathes and lives for salsa and it's no small wonder she's written those letters more times than any others throughtout her life!!