Frankie Vasquez, Voice

Frankie Vasquez, was raised in Guayama Puerto Rico, and Started out as a conguero with his own band, Los Generales, playing in his father's restaurant while filling-in temporarily for the group's unreliable lead singer. He proved to be better and more popular however, so he switched to lead vocals; thereafter combining singing and playing percussion. He Relocated to NYC in '77 and Made his recording debut with "Fuego '77". He went on to sing with Sonido Taiborí, Orquesta Calidad and Orquesta Metropolitana. Then he joined Wayne Gorbea's Conjunto Salsa for five years, followed by Charanga Charanson led by pianist/ prod./ composer Héctor Serrano. Next came five years with the band Javier Vázquez (no relation), and Performing on Javier Vázquez y su Sonora's outstanding Ella Me Olivido '90.

Frankie became lead singer with Manny Oquendo & Libre Dec. '90, sessioned on Angelo Vaillant's salsa romántica oriented Extasis y Dolor '93, was featured singer with the "Héctor Lavoe Orchestra" '93 led by timbalero David Lugo. He later sessioned on Jimmy Bosch's bandleading debut Soneando Trombón '98 and follow-up Salsa Dura '99, both on RykoLatino. He sang with the Lebrón Brothers for over three years, singing co-lead vocals on Lo Mistico '98 on Cotique. Teamed up with pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger Martin Arroyo, and created the magnificent band; Los Soneros del Barrio.

Others Frankie has worked with include New Swing Sextet, Moncho Leña, Tony González, La Sonora Matancera, Frankie Morales, Jimmy Delgado, Joe Cuba and Henry Fiol; His nearly 16 year tenure with Libre has been his longest serving stint with a band to date.

We welcome Frankie Vasquez, our "bundle of joy," as Havana Gila's Lead vocalist—and honorary member of the tribe.