Sara Wild,
A.K.A Wildavsky
Band Leader/Trombone

Sara was in the kitchen cooking this summer when she heard a career program in the backround on public television. A man's voice was saying "what would you do e-v-e-r-y single day... whether or not you got paid for it...? (and naturally, she answered to herself "Play in a salsa band!" ) before he continued "because THAT is your passion and THAT is what you should be doing with your life!" Sara had wanted to put together her own band for as long as she could remember and at 41, she realized that if she didn't do it RIGHT THEN, she'd be too old and tired! And so she did! PROFUNDO manifested. Profundo, as well as meaning "Profound" is also what is written on Italian music designated for the trombone, meaning "deep."

Sara's first instrument, the cello, attracted her perhaps because it too was deep, and although she was actively involved in music while growing up in England, she stopped playing all together at 17. She didn't play again until after her 30th birthday when she moved to New York City and picked up the trombone once again. She had the good fortune of befriending Congero Juan Rodriguez who invited her to join Wayne Gorbea's Bronx based band, "Salsa Picante." She could hardly believe that she was being paid to have such a great time. She's had a couple of other jobs since then but needless to say, none have compared. Now she's back—determined to bring a profound experience to all who hear her band.

In the 90's, Sara played with Salsa Picante, Maxima Potencia and Orquesta Ritmo Sensual; she traveled to England and France with The Triple Trouble Trombone Trio and while in Paris played with the all women's salsa band "Rhumbanana!"   She has shared a stage with many fine trombone players including Papo Vasquez, Sam Burtis, Slide Hampton and Raul Navarette.  At fourteen, Sara played for Queen Elizabeth II at her Silver Jubilee Celebration (but nearly lost the privilege by sitting in the drummer's lap).

Sara is also an ordained minister—an interfaith chaplain—and officiates Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Rites of Passage and Funerals.